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To get to the Hôtel panoramique of torgnon from the motorway exit on the A5 of chatillon, follow the signs for valtournenche - breuil Cervinia ; follow the main road until antey Saint André, from where, on your left you depart the road that reaches Torgnon.

  • Hotel Panoramique
    Piazza Frutaz,1 - 11020 Torgnon (Valle d'Aosta, Italia)
    P.IVA: 00468900071
  • Tel: +39.0166.540215 - Fax: +39.0166.540101
  • info@hotelpanoramique.it
Hotel Panoramique
  • Bar and Restaurant
  • Principali distanze
  • Rooms
  • The Hôtel
  • Torgnon
  • Vesan family

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